Aug 10, 2011

Just One Eensy Weensy Step

1940s German Travel Alarm offered by calloohcallay

We're all thrilled when an item sells. It's a great feeling to send it out, knowing your vintage find has found a new home and you've just made more room for your next vintage treasure. But what if sending it off wasn't the final act? What if pressing down that last bit of tape was just one little step towards another sale? 

1960s Floral Containers offered by Flyingace

I like to buy from my fellow vintage sellers, especially ones that are members of the Etsy Vintage Team. In this spirit, when I needed a hat form recently I searched within the team and found a neat green colored one from tippleandsnack. When I received her neatly wrapped package, I found a cool insert inside.

Example of tippleandsnacks tag, included in each package

It drew my attention: cute cellophane envelope, the shop logo, & a vintage cardboard milk top. This little extra step reinforced the shop logo in my mind and made me happy-a little cute freebie! It was the perfect balance of what a package insert should be. Occasionally when I've purchased from artists they've sent a pile of discount cards that are confusing and don't do anything to reinforce their own brand. Keeping it simple is key. 

Tangerine Orange Buttons offered by AddVintage

A few customers lately have asked us to refrain from including invoices since the item is a gift. We've gone the extra step and included a birthday note. That has brought in rave reviews! We're also willing to wrap a gift if asked-who doesn't love to unwrap gifts? 

Boy Was I Mad Book offered by wonderdiva

To help provide extra incentive, we always include a card with our logo & a discount code. Just had a customer take advantage of that last week-she had received a birthday gift from her Mom through us and used the discount that we sent. That is such a great feeling-our small effort resulted in a sale. Repeat customers are a vital part of a stores ongoing success. 

Vintage Peony Blouse offered byBirdsChasingBugs

What you choose to include with the item is also critical to your future with that customer. A clean tight box with no questionable logos is one great, but what's the extra step? Wrap things in rice paper instead of tissue? Tucking in a valued freebie instead of just a business card? Wrapping a charming piece of vintage ribbon around your tissue encased item? Every little small piece of the sales puzzle plays a role in your potential future customer relations. 

Picton Ontario Postcard offered by TheOldBarnDoor

It's never just about the item. It's about how the experience is perceived. Your beautiful wrapping, professionally packaged box or creative insert can cause the item to be seen in a totally different light. Take the extra care and enjoy repeat customers, over and over again! 


Sarah said...

Another relevant article, Nacho! I have come to look forward to your blogs!


Mary / tippleandsnack said...

Well done, Heidi!

Insightful and on-topic as always.

Patricia (TheOldBarnDoor) said...

Heidi thanks for the refresher on such a small thing that can make such a big difference. Before I mail a package I ask myself "would I like to receive this"? Some wonderful examples of thoughtful customer care.

cherrylippedroses said...

...thanks for the did a great job of reminding me why I am here and how I might make the job fresher and fun for ME, too!

beadkneak said...

This is a great post regarding going the extra step to make your package attractive, informative. I want my customer to "hardly be able to wait to open the package" because they know it is going to be special and normally will include a little something extra they were not expecting. : )

Callooh Callay said...

Some great tips, Heidi--and thanks for featuring my little clock!

Creative Designs by DELLA said...

This was really helpful.

I always say "it's all about the packaging". It makes shopping so much more fun. said...

Very important information posted here.

I really try to create an exciting experience from the moment my package is received. I start with the outer mailing wrap, then my logo on the gift box. On top there is a hand-written message on a beautiful card inside again with my logo. Underneath, each Cuff is wrapped in coordinating tissue paper that is hand-stamped. Cuffs are nestled in lightweight coordinating tissue or tulle for cushioning during transit. I include a limited edition hand-stamped tag. I want each package to be special!

wonderdiva said...

Fantastic ideas! I especially love the idea about providing a coupon code with the thank-you note -- what a great way to get follow-up business!

My skills at making tags for thank-you notes were subpar, so now I support Etsy handmade by using tags that I buy from some very creative shop owners. It gives me a good excuse to go shopping on Etsy! :-D

wonderdiva said...

...and I forgot to say, thank you muchly for featuring a book from my shop in this great blog entry!

Unknown said...

Excellent advice, as always.

Ashley said...

I really loved this post! I do the coupon code and send a cute little magnet of my logo. But, this has encouraged me to think outside and box and go a step further in ramping up my packaging.
Thanks so much for including my canisters here!

cindy-the vintage hat shop said...

Such great ideas. I also wrap carefully, tie with a pretty bow and include a card. But I hadn't thought of putting in a discount card. Where have I been?! Thanks for the tips.

AddVintage said...

BRAVO! I love these suggestions and my mind is spinning how to incorporate them into my own sales. I sell vintage linens on "other" sites and I wrape with tissue, ribbon, and a card...why did it never occur to me to do something special with my supplies???

11karri said...

I Love all the ideas ! Great Post !