Etsy Selling Tools

This application works directly inside Etsy, Enhantsy works by tightly integrating with making enhancements and features requested by the Etsy community but not implemented by Etsy. Some enhancements are re-introducing functionality once present at and since removed. Others are new ideas not (yet) implemented on  Enhantsy sits at the top of your pages and quietly rewrites them with new functionality. Once installed an Enhantsy link is displayed in the links across the top of the page. Clicking this opens a menu allowing you to toggle which enhancements are enabled and gives links to specific Enhantsy pages. 

Statsy - Featurator 
Want to know if an item from your shop or a treasury you made has been featured on the Front Page?
check out Statsy - Featurator   this will send you an email anytime an item or a treasury you made is on the Front Page - Statsy has some other cool features but I only use Featurator.  CraftCult   With this you can add treasuries to Blogs, webpages etc, use the widget. Also checkout the VAULT on CraftCult- you can look up treasuries your items have been featured in or all the treasuries you have made, you can do this in search in Etsy from the main treasury page too
Here you can see top shops on Etsy, the estimated value of YOUR OWN STORE!, views and all sorts of great into.

Etsy Gadget 
 This one is by donation, so if you love it you can donate to the author.  I think the shop status is the best use of this site. With shop status it will sort your items by view and admirers, AND the best use is it will let you know if you are missing keywords.  It doesn't tell you what keywords to use, but if you are like me you will have a bunch of items you renew over and over and they may have less than the 13 keywords.
 You can also see where your products fall in search, and where your store falls when searched by keyword combinations.

Etsy Fee Calculator 
It will help price your items, this works for both vintage and handmade!
Just fill in the shaded fields.   Review the breakdown of fees based on the data you entered.
 If you accept PayPal or Etsy Direct Checkout, check the appropriate box.
Use Profit Calculator to help you price your goods.
You can also check ratings of online marketplaces, all kinds of them - and find some new ones.

Another great thing is the Collector Corners Resources
Ecommerce Bytes has a ton of good info, and links to all sorts of great things

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