Apr 8, 2014

Marcasite Jewelry

Made from Pyrite, also known as Fool's Gold, Marcasite jewelry is one of the prettiest class of jewelry available on the vintage market.  Known since ancient times, Marcasite jewelry is often set to a sterling base and in Art Nouveau designs.  Marcasite jewelry is made from many, many small stones of Pyrite, a form of iron disulphide, cut into facets that make the jewelry sparkle and shimmer.

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Made popular by Queen Victoria when she wore it, along w/her mourning clothing, after the death of her husband, Marcasite jewelry often has a Victorian flaire.  Designs range from lockets and flowing brooches, to figurals and animals.

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Generally speaking, more modern pieces have glued in stones, while older pieces are hand set w/in the base of the jewelry.  When shopping for Marcasite jewelry, it's best to choose marked pieces to ensure quality and grade of base silver.

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Pyrite, metaphysically speaking, is associated with the Zodiac sign, Leo, and has calming, healing, balancing properties.  True Marcasite, on the other hand, is another form of iron disulphide, but it's structure is more brittle and less stable for jewelry making.  Marcasite and Pyrite, as metallic stones, are also thought to bring one financial fortune.

On the left: Marcasite; on the right: Pyrite
Courtesy of http://www.wire-sculpture.com

Mar 30, 2014

Meet Our Members! Tim and Kim Show

1)Can you tell us how you came to sell vintage? 

Tim and I had a retail store where we designed and manufactured the mens sportswear. We started collecting vintage Hawaiiana, surf and beach memorabilia to use as decor props.

2) And how your Etsy shop began?

 I was scouting for vintage items to use in client's interior design projects and kept running across awesome vintage items that were not right for my clients but too good to pass up. Our house couldn't hold any more so I decided to open the Etsy shop to share the amazing finds.

3) How did you find your shop name?

 Tim and Kim Show is a nickname that we have become known as a couple. While I still take on interior design jobs and Tim works in real estate, the etsy shop is a venture we are enjoying together.

4) What is your favorite era? 
                                           1950's, hands down!    

5) What is your current favorite Vintage find? 

 We are getting ready to list an amazing mid century room divider that has built in lights. We found it in a lighting store that has had it for over 50 years, original tag and all. They were really using as a display shelf for other items but we asked if they would sell it to us. We were elated when they agreed!

6) Where do you like to hunt for your treasures?
                           We scour for treasures all over Florida; estate sales, auctions and thrifts.

7) is there any single item you have found that you can not list & what do you love about it?

We have two and they are both lighting fixtures. One we listed for a short period but I deactivated it when it struck me how heartbroken I would be if it sold. It is a teak hanging swag pendant that has a lace fabric inner shade. I've never seen one like it! The other is teak floor lamp made by Woolmus in St Petersburg, Florida in the 50 or 60s. I just fits with our other pieces so perfectly!

  8) What advice would you wish someone had told you when you first started selling vintage?

 A master photography class would have been a godsend. If the picture doesn't look good, it doesn't matter how great the piece is

Mar 24, 2014

New Member Spotlight

Shabby chic gypsy eco prairie romatic custom

The Etsy Vintage Team proudly welcomes one of our newest members Kate from Kateblossom!
 Kate brings new meaning to taking the old and making it new. Her up-cycle clothing creations are truly one of a kind masterpieces! Each item Hand-died, Hand-sewn, and embellished with fine vintage linens, lace, and/or buttons. Each selection tells a whimsical tale and perhaps peers into Kate's very own childhood dreams. You cannot help but to stop and smell the proverbial roses while browsing her shop. It sparks your own imagination (which is just fine with her). Shes happy to work together with her shoppers & help them create a custom masterpiece.

Meet Kate the owner and creator of Kateblossom
"Hi Sweet Friends! I am Kate and I live in North California with my dear Husband. I love to create unique, earthy, ethereal, sometimes edgy, carefree, fun, country, chic, farm, bridal, ranch, cottage clothes for women and children.. casual, yet with a touch of elegance. I love God, and his Son Jesus, His Word....and pleasing him every day is my goal. What a blessing that he is our creator. "

More from Kate:

"Etsy has been a way for me to use my own creativity. I have always loved Vintage Things, even when I was a little girl at my Grandmothers house. I loved visiting Thrift Stores as a child. I find thrill in taking thrifted or handed down clothing and making them into something new. I also enjoy using bits and pieces of things, kind of like making a collage with clothing. Old lace and lots of different fabrics, buttons and other textiles go into my creations."

...and what a wonderful collage Kate creates!

Fabric Art isn't Kate's only talent... 

She enjoys reading, cooking and an array of outdoor activity. All seemingly inspirations for her creations. She has recently written a Historical Fiction picture book that her husband illustrated, and it will be published this Summer!

She has a Second Etsy Store Katerustic where she creates "Handmade Rustic Farm Girl Home Decor Folk Art."

 shabby spring twiggy doll
Shabby Spring Twiggy Doll

As being one of our Etsy Vintage Team Members, you can shop Kate's store confidently, knowing you are getting the highest quality product and customer service possible!

Mar 15, 2014


Let's do a little trendspotting!

From wallstantiques

The season for garage sales, flea markets and auctions is almost upon us.  As we browse, it is always good to keep in mind what is trending in the home decor and vintage markets -- you might purchase something that is normally out of your wheelhouse if you know it's in demand. 


Retail decor magazines are showing an interesting trend in summer home and patio decor... the juxtaposition of cool, airy, beachy blues and sand shades with darker, substantial metals.   If you see something that fits the bill, grab it -- vintage items with trending colors are the best of both worlds.

From zuzashop
From SelectiveSalvage

Then there are the buyer trends that we see in our shops.  The trends may vary as much as our shops, but here are a few things that I'm noticing:

Folk art never fails to attract attention, and people seem to always be searching for a beautiful, unique item for their home.
From GSaleHunter
Industrial style gets buyers into the shop.
From tippleandsnack

From RustbeltTreasures

Signs are still a hot seller... antique stores in my area are pricing signs through the roof.  People are on the lookout for reasonably priced signs... and many people love the rusty, crusty version:
From CallMeCleverVintage

Goofy, bright, happy kitsch has a loyal fan base.  This little guy would work in a kitchen, a man cave (bacon!) or a child's room.  Use room name tags to help your items show up when shoppers hunting for décor items are using the name of a room in their searches.
From VintageCreekside

I know from experience that if you find something related to bowling and the price is right, grab it!  When you put it up in your shop, be sure tag it "The Big Lebowski."   (The item below has just that tag.)  Talk about a loyal fan base!
What trends are you seeing in your shops?  The consumer market is an ever-changing place, but it always helps to consider décor or buyer trends when you head out to the sales this spring and summer.