Dec 8, 2014

Gift Giving with Vintage Glass and Candy, Candy, Candy

It is Christmas Time, let's have some fun with vintage gift giving. One of my favorite "go to" gifts is candy in a vintage glass dish. It seems so much nicer than just a dish, or just candy. The two together 
seem like a party.
Sometimes you luck out with one that is specific for your occasion. I found the perfect little glass candy tray for a gal who loves 
vintage decor.
It makes much more sense, and is more fun, to find vintage dish or item to hold candy and other gifts, like cookies, or pens, than to grab 
something cheap.
There are a plethora of these clear inexpensive vintage glass dishes. It is no wonder they were (and are still) so popular, because they just make everything a bit better.
It does not have to be a candy dish either. I acquired a passle of Anchor Hocking Ruby Cups, that would make lovely little gifts filled with candy for teachers. They are easy and decorative when tied up in a small cellophane bag with a fetching bow.
We have a family member who collects glassware, and loves Hershey Kisses. It does not get any easier than this.
Most folks do not use celery dishes any more. Did they ever? What we do need though, is something to corral pens and pencils. Using a vintage or antique celery or pickle dish is a classier option than a pencil tray you can find at an office supply store. Here is a gift the insurance office secretary could really use and enjoy.
This porcelain Vintage Christmas Tree Dish by George Good is being included here with the vintage glass dishes, because it is shows just how perfect they are for gift giving.
I like it so much, that I am tempted to give it to myself.
A classic color for Christmas is Forest Green. There is an abundance of shapes and sizes of Vintage Forest Green Glassware available. This dish is a nice sturdy piece by Hazel Atlas, that you can use in a high traffic area. It is a perfect gift to use at work. We all love the office candy dish.
This Fire King Forest Green Charm Bowl has an entirely different look. You can see how I simply scooped all of my candy samples in to it. I could make the whole family happy by setting this out here at our place. Just think of the smiles I would get if I gave it to a family full of young folks. The bowl would also make Mom happy.

It has been fun sharing some fun ways to use candy and vintage dishes for gift giving. If you find the perfect piece with the Etsy Vintage Team and use it be sure to share it with us. You can never have too much inspiration.

Thank you for joining me. My name is Mary, and I run Mary Wald's Place, an Etsy store, where Antique and Vintage plus Knowledge and Care promise a great vintage shopping experience. It is a privilege to be a member of The Etsy Vintage Team. We are having so much fun this Christmas Time.

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