Auctions, Flea Markets, Thrift Stores Oh My!

Online Auctions - The real ones for getting the good stuff


Started in Canada, now coming down the east coast of the US (disclaimer - I work part time for them!)
Awesome way to find and bid on items LOCALLY - you have to pick it up - but if there is an auction near you check it out - I have seen some great stuff go cheap! And some awesome stuff get crazy high prices - but you never know!
This is a clearing house for auctions of all types and just about everywhere - type in the location and any special items you are looking for and all auctions near you with those items pop up.  You can also get notifications of any items as they come up for sale.

Pick the area and all estate sales in that area that have been listed will show up - great for planning trips!
This is my personal favorite go to locator   notice the difference - this is ESTATE SALE .COM
a second choice locator - some sales are listed on both sites, I always check both -

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