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What is the Etsy Vintage Team?

The Etsy Vintage Team (EVT) is an organization for those who are passionate about vintage and items that are handmade with vintage components. With an Etsy Vintage Team Certified Shop, you are purchasing authentic vintage goods from a knowledgeable, trustworthy dealer. Our roughly 250 members are found on Etsy.com, an online marketplace for vintage and antique items, handmade arts and crafts, and supplies.

Blog Authors

We are members of the Etsy Vintage Team and co-writers of the blog

 Patti from Fleaosophy - An avid collector since she got her first collection as a gift on her 10th birthday. As an artist and a photographer, she is always on the lookout for cool things to use in photo shoots, and for decorating the house. She loves finding the odd and unusual items,  Patti currently has 3 stores, her main store is all vintage, the second is her art/photography and vintage jewelry and the newest one features  up-cycled and vintage supplies. She also sells on other print on demand locations online you see more and follow her blog to find out about her travels, how she tackles the Flea Markets and what ever else she decides to write.  Flea Market Style for your Vintage Life - Fleaosophy

Shawn from Call me Clever Vintage Goods
   We specialize in eclectic finds where industrial meets vintage, retro is made useful in the kitchen or old signage makes a statement in your home, office and garden. We search for unique pieces that tell a story; in fact, often the story is the reason we purchase an item.

We source vintage goods from our own backyard. You may just see us in your neighborhood if your neighbors have a habit of putting their trash (old lamps, discarded cowboy boots, etc.) on the side of the road with a FREE sign.  We love creating vintage collections for you.
website/blog - www.callmeclevervintagegoods.com

Melissa is the proud owner of RJ’s This and That Boutique. She has been collecting and selling items from History’s past for over 12 years strong. Her motto is simple; she does it for a love of all things Mother Earth, Reclaimed, Vintage and Recycled. It’s her belief that history's gems should be affordable regardless of their worth. As, it’s more important to preserve our history than to let it rot in peace. She currently owns and operates three vendor locations where she sells her Restored or Up-cycled furniture pieces. A trade, which has been passed down by generations in her family. She operates multiple online selling sites where she specializes in Vintage Lingerie, Depression Glass, and various other smalls. Her hobbies include Photography and Landscape Painting, which she incorporates into her business. Please feel free to follow her Blog: rjsthisandthat.blogspot.com/

Koa Duncan has been an Artist &Pastry Chef for 20+years. She has worked as Pastry Chef in some of the West Coast's best restaurants &hotels including One Market, Boulette's Larder & Delfina in SF and Four Seasons, Bastide, &Water Grill in LA. She was in the James Beard short list of 10 best pastry chefs in the US in 2005, as well as also getting best Pastry Chef in LA that year. She left the professional pastry chef realm in 2010, when she had her daughter.
Since then she has started a catering company: www.cakeboxvintagecatering.com
consulted, written recipes, sold on ebay, made wedding cakes, &started her Etsy shop CakeBoxVintage. She has a neglected website: www.koaduncan.com.
She dabbles in embroidery and mixed media pieces using eclectic vintage bits.

Amy Mortensen (the owl lady) - The Owl Lady opened in April 2009 just after I came into the possession of my grandmother’s huge owl collection. Her collection had been passed from relative to relative after her death and no one really knew what to do with it. When I got it I thought it I should find loving homes for these treasures since they were too beautiful to stay boxed up. I have found homes for most of her original collection but many more owls have found their way to me. I continue to enjoy finding loving homes for these wonderful owls of times gone by.
Blog link: vintagevir2.wordpress.com/

 Mary Bosley from Tipple and Snack
I am a life-long collector and part-time treasure hunter. I've been selling vintage and antique goods since 1998, and opened my shop on Etsy in 2009. I split my time between Etsy and film and video production. I'm primarily a line producer with the occasional foray into prop styling. Based in New England, projects have taken me across the United States, Canada, and Europe. I'm never happier than on the hunt for fresh goods, and my shop carries an ever-changing mix of vintage goods sourced from near and far. From flea market finds to fine antiques, there's a story behind it all.

Kim - CranberryManor
A stay at home mother of 3 who started selling online in the handmade, boutique hair bow industry. I then got the bug for antiquing and decided to shift my business focus to the antiques and collectibles field. My young children love the treasure hunts that we have when we go shopping for the items that you see at CranberryManor and I bet they will help when they are old enough. My business has become a way to help bring in a small, second income while still staying home to raise my children.

I maintain 2 blogs:

Jeanne -  WonderDiva  I like Wonder Woman and I'm not really that much of a diva, but a friend nicknamed me "wonder diva" and the rest is history.

I have divergent tastes, but it all makes sense to me. I especially love the 1920's and a lot of my items show art nouveau, arts and crafts movement and art deco influences. But I also am quite fond of sassy, quirky or downright odd items from all eras. That is what you'll find here in my little Etsy nook. Think of it as being like Clara Bow and Lyle Lovett on a date.

About 20 years ago, my husband-to-be introduced me to the world of antiquing. (I will not succumb to the temptation of calling him my first antique. Will. Not. Succumb.) He had been going to yard sales and flea markets since he was a teenager and by his mid-thirties had amassed quite a collection of primitives. Crocks, game boards, firkins, tool carriers, cameras, pitchers, yellow ware, corn molds, cast iron horses, step stools, any kind of lidded box... you get the idea.
    Two decades and two kids later, our home is jam-packed with our mutual love of all things distressed, crazed, and chipped. The cats sleep in a child's doll bed from the 1940s. Our vacations are planned according to how many antique stores we can hit in a 30-mile radius as we "chachka" (it's a verb). Saturday mornings are spent dragging cranky pajama-clad kids out of their beds and toward a multitude of yard sales. Nights at the local auction house fill out those dreary winter weekends.
     My vintage obsession has expanded to the point where my art/scrapbook studio no longer has any space to either art or scrap. The paper ephemera, aprons, and cabinet cards spill out of the vintage suitcases, and the doll heads, buttons, and rusty keys bulge out of Ball jars and bottles. This Etsy shop is an attempt to divest of some of our collections and to find a loving home for our new acquisitions. 

Please visit my other Etsy shop – just vintage Christmas!
https://www.etsy.com/shop/VintageChristmasJunk  and  Follow Vintage junk in my trunk Blog!

 Nachokitty - Heidi & Hannah run Nachokitty. An estate liquidation business is run in the mountains of Northern California surrounded by 5 children, 25 chickens, 1 dog and 6 barn cats. We sell on consignment for estates all over the country and bring their vintage and antique treasures straight to you.
   The tag line for NachoKitty is Straight From the Barn-and it is! They dig around to find vintage estates in attics, basements, barns, abandoned Victorian houses, old farms, and more. They will appraise items for families and help them find out what they really have and what it's worth.
   All this experience has given them a wealth of knowledge. Yet every day they are delighted to  learn something new to add to the roster of historic facts.

Follow the Nachokitty board on Pintrest - http://www.pinterest.com/Nachokittyetsy/

Mrs Berry - ThreeChicksVintage 

 Leslie Janson - lesliejanson  I have always been drawn to the quality and feel of vintage textiles and notions, to the stories they tell, and to the idea of repurposing, using, and enjoying family artifacts. One day, when my sons were in their teens, time suddenly opened up long enough for me to hunt down my stashes of vintage textiles. My shop began when I made a brooch out of a vintage embroidered tea towel that had been handed down to me. After years of focussing on my career and family, suddenly I had a burst of energy to create things, which surprises and delights me.

Mary Wald - MaryWaldsPlace   When I was growing up most of the folks in my extended family had some sort of collection, especially antiques, so my love for things made long ago started early on. It is so much fun "rescuing" pieces knowing they will find a home where someone will truly appreciate them. I enjoy being able to give people the thrill of adding to their collection, because I love doing it myself.
    For suggestions on how vintage goodies can enrich your home in creative and useful ways stop on by my blog marywaldsplace.blogspot.com. We just moved across the country to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in Texas. Now I have all of the sunshine I can handle, and a new apartment to decorate.
    You can also find me at Flickr as Mary Wald, http://www.flickr.com/photos/momwaldsplace/ 

That is where I keep additional photos of pieces that need more than just a few photos, and lots of other vintage goodies and my personal collections. marywaldsplace.blogspot.com.

Anne - KitschyVintage After having a career and then being a stay-at-home mom to my 3 sons (now grown), I've finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up: collect, use and sell great old stuff!
    I'm particularly drawn to kitchen and household items from 1920s through mid-century, but anything red or polka dotted beckons me like a moth to a flame! The items in my shop are as unpredictable as the imaginings of days past.
      I have a brick-and-mortar shop at the Livingston Antique Outlet (1825 Burkhart Road, Howell, MI) If you're ever in the area, stop by and visit -- I'm in Booth #165. It has turquoise walls & a black and white tile floor -- you can't miss it!
    Check out my blog at http://kitschy-vintage.blogspot.com. Kiova Staley - joyridevintage

Sterling Delights - SterlingDelights    I'm an history enthusiast who loves to learn and share history through objects from decades and centuries past - for vintage items are our history, our stories, and our memories. BA History/Econ.
     Vintage silver holds a special appeal to me as it's a sort of middle ground - it was a luxury item, yet within the means of most, especially in the postwar prosperity of the 50s onward.

Kim - TimandKimShow  
Some shops have unique and creative names and can even require a fun explanation of what it means. Ours.... well, it's pretty straightfowrard but speaks volumes... at least to us and more importantly, ABOUT us! We have been married for 25 years and have worked side by side pursuing our creative interest. We have designed and manufactured casual sportwear, operated a clothing and vintage decor boutique, completed many interior design and residential remodels for ourselves and clients. I (Kim) am still working on residential design projects and Tim spends the majority of his time working in south FL real estate (Vero Beach to Miami). Our Etsy shop allows us to join our efforts and talents knowing that the SHOW just isn't complete or nearly as fun... unless we do it together!

We scour the Florida market to bring you amazing and authentic vintage treasures. As a matter of fact, our region is referred to as the "Treasure Coast". While it's actually due to the gold found on the beaches and in the waters from long ago shipwrecks, we like to think it's due to the abundance of awesome mid century and Hollywood regency decor in the area.

We have proudly supplied items to be used on the set of Mad Men, sold a vintage typewriter to a David Letterman monologue writer, shipped vintage lighting to a world renowned architect/designer, and have been featured in style articles by the Huffingon Post and other design blogs. You can Like The Tim And Kim Show on Facebook!

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