Feb 5, 2011

Welcome New Member: Victorian Sentiments

Among the wealth of jewelry expertise on the Etsy Vintage Team, Terry and Tom of Victorian Sentiments are specialists in rare Civil War and Victorian adornments. They have been students, researchers and teachers in the subject for years. If terms like vulcanite, celluloid and bog oak are a mystery to you, a visit to their shop is fascinating!

From the description: Mid-Victorian era hair brooch, with 3 different types of hair arranged in the "Prince of Wales" curl, which was popular in the 1840s and 50s. It was very popular for brooches to contain hair from more than one family member, and these often contained the hair of children and were presented to mothers, or were of family members and then presented to a daughter as she left home.

We are honored to include Victorian Sentiments in the Etsy Vintage Team. Welcome!

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