Feb 6, 2011

Welcome New Member: Nick Haus

Yes, there is a Nick behind Nick Haus. Representing the male minority on the Etsy Vintage Team, he has an eye for the unusual in vintage and antique home decor. Nick holds a Masters Degree in Interior Architecture. His offerings are impeccably photographed, making a visit to his shop a treat for the eye and the place to find that perfect piece for your home or garden.

One fine example of the shop's interesting fare is this nickel-plated hearse or cab wall pocket vase. Imagine the somber processions for which it was filled with flowers.

Welcome Nick Haus! Your shop is a wonderful addition to the Etsy Vintage Team.

1 comment:

Nick Heywood said...

Wow, thanks so much! I've very much enjoyed becoming part of the Etsy Vintage Team, and look forward to continued success for all of us!