Feb 4, 2011


Cookbook Illustration from www.oldvintagecookbooks.etsy.com

There are few culinary delights as downright delectable as quality bread--toasted or not--your call-- slathered with homemade JAM. Why HOMEMADE? Well, most home cooks use FRESH fruit, which makes for a far superior product than what one can purchase commercially. Freezing fruit alters its texture significantly. Using really fresh fruit makes the process easier, and the end product turns out better. You don't have to go the traditional, huge pot on the stove, 15LBS of fruit, stir for hours method to make good jam. This article from the LA Times shows just how EASY it can be:


I plan to make some ORANGE MARMALADE with oranges from a neighbor's tree this weekend. Can't wait to taste it on freshly baked bread.

Apricot Jam Pot from www.dandeliongirl.etsy.com

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