May 3, 2014

Meet our Members - WonderDIVA

  My shop name was the name I used as a buyer, and it comes from a nickname a friend gave me, because I like Wonder Woman. I started my shop when Etsy didn't allow sellers to revise shop name, so I decided to use my shop name to reflect my love of the 1920's and 1930's and the glamour of that era.
I came to sell vintage because I had a collection of antique jewelry and vintage jewelry that I hadn't worn for a very long time. I was on Etsy as a consumer and decided to start selling my jewelry. I found that I enjoyed selling vintage, and the rest is history.

  My shop "about" page goes into how I love the 1920's and the design movements that I love. I've loved those styles since I was very young... 1920's and 1930's movies always fascinated me. Predating that era, I also really love the Glasgow School of the Arts and Craft Movement... some of the most beautiful design work ever!
My current favorite vintage find is a framed photo of a little boy and girl -- probably brother and sister -- that is from the early 1900's. The children are truly beautiful, the pose is adorable and the little details of home in the background are wonderful. I had a fellow vintage seller send me a convo to say that it made her eyes well up with tears to look at it.
  I hunt for treasures at estate sales and flea markets. There are two excellent estate sale companies in my town,and they make treasure hunting a very pleasant process. I keep saying I'm going to start attending farm auctions, but it hasn't happened yet.. maybe this summer!
I have four Christmas cards that the art nouveau illustrator Dugald Stewart Walker drew to send to friends -- the cards apparently came from the estate of someone who knew Walker. I don't know if any other copies of the cards exist outside of a few private collections. They are gorgeous, and Walker is one of my favorite illustrators, so I truly cherish them.

 I actually got a lot of good advice because in my first job out of college, I met a coworker who was a hardcore antique and thrift store shopper who taught me so much about enjoying the process and looking for a diamond in the rough. Her process was to have fun, relax and if you found something, that was great -- but if you didn't, there is always next time!


Kim Willson said...

Hi Jeanne. LOVE your shop banner! It fits your shop perfectly!

wonderdiva said...

Thank you Patti! This is what I miss out on when I'm busy all weekend! I'm delighted to be featured...there's a lot of interesting folks on the EVT, I'll look forw
ard to hearing about more of us!