Apr 8, 2014

Marcasite Jewelry

Made from Pyrite, also known as Fool's Gold, Marcasite jewelry is one of the prettiest class of jewelry available on the vintage market.  Known since ancient times, Marcasite jewelry is often set to a sterling base and in Art Nouveau designs.  Marcasite jewelry is made from many, many small stones of Pyrite, a form of iron disulphide, cut into facets that make the jewelry sparkle and shimmer.

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Made popular by Queen Victoria when she wore it, along w/her mourning clothing, after the death of her husband, Marcasite jewelry often has a Victorian flaire.  Designs range from lockets and flowing brooches, to figurals and animals.

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Generally speaking, more modern pieces have glued in stones, while older pieces are hand set w/in the base of the jewelry.  When shopping for Marcasite jewelry, it's best to choose marked pieces to ensure quality and grade of base silver.

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Pyrite, metaphysically speaking, is associated with the Zodiac sign, Leo, and has calming, healing, balancing properties.  True Marcasite, on the other hand, is another form of iron disulphide, but it's structure is more brittle and less stable for jewelry making.  Marcasite and Pyrite, as metallic stones, are also thought to bring one financial fortune.

On the left: Marcasite; on the right: Pyrite
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