Mar 30, 2014

Meet Our Members! Tim and Kim Show

1)Can you tell us how you came to sell vintage? 

Tim and I had a retail store where we designed and manufactured the mens sportswear. We started collecting vintage Hawaiiana, surf and beach memorabilia to use as decor props.

2) And how your Etsy shop began?

 I was scouting for vintage items to use in client's interior design projects and kept running across awesome vintage items that were not right for my clients but too good to pass up. Our house couldn't hold any more so I decided to open the Etsy shop to share the amazing finds.

3) How did you find your shop name?

 Tim and Kim Show is a nickname that we have become known as a couple. While I still take on interior design jobs and Tim works in real estate, the etsy shop is a venture we are enjoying together.

4) What is your favorite era? 
                                           1950's, hands down!    

5) What is your current favorite Vintage find? 

 We are getting ready to list an amazing mid century room divider that has built in lights. We found it in a lighting store that has had it for over 50 years, original tag and all. They were really using as a display shelf for other items but we asked if they would sell it to us. We were elated when they agreed!

6) Where do you like to hunt for your treasures?
                           We scour for treasures all over Florida; estate sales, auctions and thrifts.

7) is there any single item you have found that you can not list & what do you love about it?

We have two and they are both lighting fixtures. One we listed for a short period but I deactivated it when it struck me how heartbroken I would be if it sold. It is a teak hanging swag pendant that has a lace fabric inner shade. I've never seen one like it! The other is teak floor lamp made by Woolmus in St Petersburg, Florida in the 50 or 60s. I just fits with our other pieces so perfectly!

  8) What advice would you wish someone had told you when you first started selling vintage?

 A master photography class would have been a godsend. If the picture doesn't look good, it doesn't matter how great the piece is

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Kim Willson said...

Thank you so much for sharing our shop! We are incredibly grateful to spend our time immersed in awesome vintage pieces AND wonderful vintage advocates. Thanks EVT!!