May 28, 2014

Meet our Members

1)Can you tell us how you came to sell vintage? and 2) And how your Etsy shop began?

  Many years ago, my husband-to-be introduced me to the world of antiquing. He had been going to yard sales and flea markets since he was a teenager and by his early thirties had amassed quite a collection of primitives. Two decades later, our home is jam-packed with our mutual love of all things distressed, crazed, and chipped. But we can't keep everything we find -- we do NOT want to be featured on a Hoarder's show! My husband had a booth at an antique store at one time and we do local vintage shows in addition to my two online shops. 

3) How did you find your shop name? I brainstormed a long time to come up with my shop's name. I wanted something fun and it always gets a giggle, but sometimes I think it's too long!

4) What is your favorite era? I love the look of the 1920s-1940s, although being addicted to Mad Men has given me a new appreciation of the (early) 1960s.

5) What is your current favorite Vintage find? My favorite current vintage find are typewriters. I seem to be the typewriter whisperer, as I find many of them at yard sales. I've always loved them, and we've had two or three displayed in the house most times, but there really isn't much room for a collection. My husband wonders why I can't collect postcards! ;)

6) Where do you like to hunt for your treasures?  My favorite place to hunt for treasures are outdoor flea markets and yard sales. Before we sold we used to go to antique stores all the time but I find it harder and harder to shop retail now. I don't usually have much luck at the thrift stores in my area, but yard sales are my happy place. Although I worry we may have shopped every house in the neighborhood!

7) is there any single item you have found that you can not list - what do you love about it-  I listed one of my antique dress forms (there are 4 displayed in my home) and it eventually sold. As I struggled with the shipping issues, the buyer asked me to cancel the transaction. I gratefully did so and immediately deactivated the listing. I had seller's remorse and was relieved I could keep it! (There is one that is less old than the others and will be coming with us to our next show).  

8) What advice would you wish someone had told you when you first started selling vintage? My advice to new vintage sellers -- don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Even though I don't naturally gravitate towards the look of the 1960s/1970s, that era is very popular to collect now and sells big. If I see something I personally wouldn't buy but I know a lot of people like, I will take a chance on it. And I don't have to worry about buyer's remorse!

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