Mar 26, 2011

Welcome New Member: The Fancy Lamb

The Fancy Lamb is filled with more than 300 wonderful vintage home decor and housewares items, patterns and ephemera, all impeccably presented with beautiful photos. Robin is also a busy crafter, creating handmade delights from vintage components. Her vintage book journals are not only popular on Etsy, but are also available in shops in St. Louis as well as through wholesale orders. And....she is a co-chair of the Etsy Vintage Team Membership Committee. That's a very full plate!

Confession time: The Fancy Lamb is not exactly a "new" member of EVT. You see, when you visit our Etsy Team Page, members are listed in the order in which they joined. When Robin became a Team Leader, her icon was bumped to the top of the list, meaning I skipped over her as I featured members from the general roster. So, a belated welcome to Robin!

The co-chairs of the EVT Membership Committee are our unsung heroes. They receive new member requests and conduct a thorough review of each shop with the help of our 19-member committee. The other Membership co-chairs are:

Stacie of Rainbow Vintage
Mary of Tipple and Snack
Nora of Treasure Hunt Vintage plus Transient Treasures and Time and Again Fashions

Thanks to their work, you can be confident that every Certified Shop includes only true vintage and antiques, or handmade with true vintage components, and maintains a high level of customer service. Thank you, ladies!

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Nora-transient*treasures said...

A great BIG welcome to thefancylamb....and thanks for the "shout-out"!!