Jan 10, 2011

Member Spotlight: Lagelle

1940s handmade house dress
Handmade knit accessories, upcycled fashions, and wonderful vintage items come together in beautiful harmony at the Etsy shop Lagelle. We recently spoke with Tahisha, the fashion designer who opened Lagelle in 2007.

Q. How did you come up with the name for your shop?
I wanted to create a brand so I thought it would be great to use the name of my handmade vintage-inspired accessories, Lagelle, which is named after my mother's maiden name, Laguer.

Morning Glory upholstery purse
Q. What kind of sound or expression do you make when you find the perfect vintage item at a great price?
I normally will say either one of these words to myself with my inside voice: "YES, AWESOME, SCORE, WOW, or THIS IS CRAZY!"
Set of 5 Fire King Mugs
 Q. What are your first three rules for success?
My first three rules for success are:
  • Have a dream or goal and pursue it.
  • Keep at it even when doors are slammed closed.
  • Perfect your "craft" whatever it is; always practice so you can be the best at it!
The following three words best describes these rules: Entrepreneur, Perseverance, and Excellence!
1920s inspired handknit cloche

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Deer Path Vintage said...

Lovely shop and I love the name. I was wandering through and came across this: http://www.etsy.com/listing/9325531/vintage-baby-plate

Honestly, it made me cry. I had that very set for two of my babies and I remember it made me sad when it finally started to leak and I had to throw it out.

Thanks for the memories!