Jan 11, 2011

Live Vintage!

You love to look at, touch, buy, sell and give vintage, but do you live with your vintage? Are your vintage goodies untouchables or are they an integral part of your everyday life? Are your vintage possessions only trinkets on a shelf to be admired, pieces of jewelry taken out and worn only on special occasions, or reminders of yesteryear hung on the wall for looks only? How do you live with your vintage obsession?
Let me tell you how I live with mine!
I confess that I plunk lots of my vintage goodies on the piano, inside and on top of the breakfront, on shelves and on dressers; I intermingle them with photos of my kids, crafts and odd bits of jewelry, bobby pins and notes, and of course dust. I like it that way. The dusty, controlled chaos is comforting. But I also live with my vintage in very practical ways.
This gorgeous blue and white handkerchief is one of many lovely linens offered by team member Vintage Linens from Massachusetts.
If I had to choose one practical vintage item I couldn't live without, I would choose my linen hankies. Having just recovered from a 2-week cold, I can tell you that linen hankies are the absolute best thing to blow your sad nose into. Thick and absorbent, soft and pretty, they add a touch of sophistication to a very unsophisticated act. After two weeks my nose is neither red or chafed.
The Happy Hoarder offers a variety of vintage fabrics from her studio in Ohio, including this charming juvenile printed cotton seersucker.
Hailing from Virginia, Dandelion Girl offers this gorgeous octagonal English tin.
As I look around I see all sorts of ways that I live with vintage:  the lovely old tin holding my ink pens, the rug I crocheted from vintage fabric, plates and pie pans in my studio holding tiny parts and paint, the bright wool blanket on my bed, the necklace with the big cotton pearls I wear with t-shirts...
Look around and tell me, "how do you live with your vintage?".


Nachokitty said...

My whole house is vintage. I used salvage to remodel the kitchen-so 19th century cabinets are at home next to 1940's bowls. I love it. I love your photos!

ImSoVintage said...

The real question for me is how would I live without my vintage 8-)