Jan 9, 2011

Welcome New Member: Wonder Diva

While many shops of the Etsy Vintage Team are generalists, there is also a fascinating array of shops with their own unique specialties. Wonder Diva of Nebraska is a little book nook where you can escape into a world of 1920s-1940s childhood imagination. Far from being dusty, however, you will be amazed by the rich colors in the artwork of these cherished treasures.

Just one example is this 1920 Loraine and the Little People of Summer in superb condition with glorious color illustrations.

Wonder Diva is participating in our January White Sales, so be sure to check out her beautiful bargains this month. Welcome!


wonderdiva said...

Thank you so much for the feature! Being a part of the Etsy Vintage Team makes selling so much more fun, and I'm glad to be in the company of such a great group of sellers who love and promote the joy of vintage!

Nachokitty said...

I love Wonderdiva's shop. I recently purchased a magnificent book. It's about a magical world from long ago. My two little girls are enthralled with it. With eBooks quickly passing regular books in popularity, it's important to support our small book sellers!

Nachokitty said...

I should clarify-I bought the wonderful book from Wonderdiva!