Oct 3, 2010

Welcome New Member: Cowgirl Caities

Imagine a very old storefront, perhaps a wood-floor general store, virtually unchanged since the 19th Century. In the 21st Century, it's jam packed with antiques and oddities from days gone by. That's what a visit to Cowgirl Caities is like, an online emporium of 500 rare and beautiful treasures.

Her fare includes English antiques, kitchenware, toys, ephemera, metal bits and bobs--coming from homes in the backwoods of Wisconsin and London's East End, where Caitie and her father have been joyfully been collecting for years. It is impossible to choose one representative item, but these spectacular opera glasses caught my eye first (worth the visit for the wealth of information included in her listing).

And let's all wish Caitie a very happy (and lucky!) birthday coming up one week from today: on 10-10-10! It's going to be a very special day!

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