Sep 12, 2010

Welcome New Member: Nachokitty

You would be hard pressed to find a more eclectic Etsy Vintage shop than that of Heidi, proprietress of Nachokitty. In fact, it's impossible to choose just one item that represents her selection! My personal favorite is this swell California Pottery double vase, but her inventory of 300+ treasures ranges from toys and books to housewares, jewelry, ephemera and architectural items. It's one stop vintage shopping!

Heidi is new to the Etsy Vintage Team, but a long-time Etsy veteran. As an estate liquidator for many years, she has an extensive knowledge of vintage and antiques, and her attention to research is very impressive. You can be confident her goods are authentic, and her passion really shows. Welcome, Nachokitty!


Heidi LeVell said...

Thank you for the kind words! This is especially appreciated being that I was up until 3am working on old blown glass Christmas ornament listings.

Leah said...

i've cruised nachos shop and love the variety! welcome nachokitty...and i love the name!