Sep 13, 2010

Vintage Buzz: Old Things With A New Purpose

This RECYCLED Circuit Board Geekery Jewelry Lanyard Eyeglass Holder
from Debby Arem Designs is just one of many creative goods
on Etsy with a green attitude!
While it's a new concept to most of the world, "Vintage is the new 'green'" is old news to the world of broken-jewelry-hoarding, hand-me-down wearing, old-knicker-peddling vintage-ites. What is new is the ways folks use vintage and cast-off items.

For years we have seen primitive crafters build dolls and spoolies from vintage wooden spools, tole painters decorate everything from rolling pins to bread boxes, and Grandpa fix holes in the barn siding with old tobacco tins, but have you ever seen what can become of spent circuit boards, unemployed window shade pulls or sparkly earrings long-parted from their mates?

Window Shade Pull Necklace from Cigar Box Beads combines
gorgeous semi-precious stones with vintage celluloid
window shade pulls to create a modern fashion statement.

Here is a selection of such items made by members of the Etsy Vintage Team, found while searching etsyvintageteam recycle, etsyvintageteam repurpose and etsyvintageteam upcycle.

If you're looking to apply your own twist to the Vintage Green Revolution, search etsyvintageteam supplies to find a joyful plethora of vintage crafting and sewing supplies, from paper ephemera and salvaged fabrics to old embroidery patterns, medicine bottles and typewriters.

Vintage Supplies like this treasure trove of Vintage Fabric Scraps


cigarboxbeads said...

thank you!

(my daughter has been hinting that she would like the window shade pull necklace--;>) )

marilyn g

Three Chicks Vintage said...

Hmmm...Christmas shopping??