Mar 11, 2014

Make a Personal Statement in Your Home with

Do you like to rearrange your decor frequently? As a seller of vintage decor, I often place the items I have for sale in my home. The constant flow of items coming in and out keeps things fresh and new but it also puts my merchandising skill to the test. One way to meet the challenge is to focus on creating vignettes.


 noun \vin-ˈyet, vēn-\
: a short piece of writing, music, setting, etc which clearly expresses the typical characteristics of something or someone

Den with multiple VINTAGE VIGNETTES

To express the characteristics of ourselves, of our personality, in our environment is what makes a house a home. To take a raw space and to interject a bit of who we are, of what interest us, of what lives in our soul, will breathe life into a home like no other diy project. The mix of new and old, handmade and industrial, reflective and matte will blend into a harmonious whole when grouped in aesthetically pleasing combinations. You can have several layered vignettes throughout any room in your house. The key is that there are elements that express who YOU are, not only what is currently trending. By all means, add touches of the color of the moment or include the trend of the season but it is the pieces that speak of you and your family that will be what make the room HOME.

Industrial Cart 

Details: Glass, Paper, Metal, Chalkware, Wood
Handmade, Nature, New Vintage

The concept of design vignettes will work across all architectural themes, interior decor styles, eras and design fads. While our family's personal style is a conglomeration of beach shack, mid century and industrial, you can take the concepts of design vignettes in any direction that suites your design sensibilities. Just be sure it makes your heart sing!

Storage Dresser / Bar

Details: Light, Height Variation, Texture Variation, Tray Base
Note: Service Bell "Grandma please come. The sick bell given to us when Grandma cared for us.
Lamp has built in night light behind perforated base for wonderful evening ambiance.

While I am not a huge believer in following design rules, some basic concepts can prove helpful... just don't let them constrain your imagination.
  • Balance, whether you choose to go symmetrical or asymmetrical
  • Go with the "odd" addition every once in a while... it adds a spark of fun
  • Layer the heights
  • Combine textures
  • Variety of scale / size
  • YOUR personality
  • Mix of styles and eras
Industrial Library Cart, Mid Century Cruise Ship Clock, Mid Century Teak  Lace Swag Light

Details: Vintage Books, Design Mags & Personal Mementos

Now you may not have decor pieces coming and going like I do as a vintage reseller, but you should hone your merchandising skills all the same and keep the things moving! Now that you have created a vignette that you LOVE, live with for a while then break it down and CHANGE it out! Yes, I know that seems counter intuitive, but if you keep moving your items around your home in new and fresh vignettes, you will find that you focus on and appreciate belongings that you hadn't noticed so much before. Our possessions do not define us but they certainly can speak to what we hold dear. 
(Hint: take a picture of your favorite combinations in case your want to go back to it down the road). 

Add details in unexpected places, like picture frames.
Use serving pieces as decor vessels in every room, such as teak salad bowl & woo, brass and glass cloche.

Bottom line, have fun and express yourself!

We would love to see your vintage vignettes. Please share in comment section below!


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