Feb 8, 2014

Vintage Industrial Decoration Ideas
By: Melissa Delise Ruby 

Many people do not realize the advantages of decorating their homes with vintage items. Of course there is the Mother Earth friendly side to it (which is always a plus), the economic side, as well as a vibrant showcase of your own individuality. As I am hunting flea markets and old warehouses for industrial gems of the past, I scoop them up in excitement. Perhaps it's because I know something that the other passers-by don't. Those rusty dusty items are truly gems in disguise. I've decided to share with you a few great ways to decorate your home using vintage industrial items. You can create a modern and welcoming look, using not so modern items. You'll be sure to get lot's of "ohhhs" and "ahhhs" at your next get-together. 

Vintage Signs as Decoration

For a fraction of the price, you can spruce up a boys room using vintage road signs! The best part is, it's a style that can grow with them as the years pass!
Railroad Signs for the train lover

Industrial flare for our industrious Teen's 

Travel Signs for the car lover

Purchasing these signs is very simple and you can come across a variety of them online. Here are just a few I have found currently on sale. You may click the photo's below if you are interested in purchasing these signs or pricing them.

1970s Stop Sign, Huge Vintage Metal Traffic Road SignVintage Industrial Salvage Aluminum Exit Sign Light1920s High Voltage Electricity Sign Enamel Green and White Metal Industrial

Industrial Lamps 

Do you know you can own lamps created from industrial salvage?
You can purchase them already created or purchase the material for a DIY project. You are left with a stunning, one of a kind addition to your living space. 
Dining-room or Kitchen 
Great Room

again, many of these ideas are directly at your fingertips for a fraction of the price it would cost you in a modern store! Here are a few I came across just today! You may click on the Photos below for price and location of these goods.

Vintage Hazard Lights Industrial Lighting Your ChoiceVintage green enamel industrial light shade Office lightingVintage 1950s Smith-Victor Industrial Camera or Movie Camera Light


Below are some examples from my own guest bathroom. I decided on the Americana theme with an Industrial flare (it's still currently a work in progress). These were all items I purchased online to create the theme. I used old door knobs as towel hooks, a rust bucket, shoe forms, a brass eagle plaque and various other finds to decorate. I pained the door knobs with metal paint and distressed.

Once more these items were found by the click of a mouse or a click of your mouse! 
SALE Vintage Shoe Last, Size 10DPrimitive large galvanized tub - Worn and fabulous - 25 x 10 inches - Decor - Planter - Patio party funVintage Glass Doorknob Set with Brass Plated Back Plates / Vintage Glass Door Knobs / Glass Doorknobs Victorian Through 1940s
Antique SAD Iron Detachable Wood Handle VictorianVintage Brass Eagle Ashtray or Paperweight  ~ Dish ~ Small Tray ~ Mid Century Americana TobaccoaniaFlag Holders Antique Cast Iron GAR Civil War Veterans Woman's Relief Corps Memorial Day Patriotic Fraternity

Truly an exciting and original way to decorate!


wonderdiva said...

I love industrial and salvaged items...they are usually rock-solid and have great histories! Great ideas on using them in any range of home décor! Thank you so much for featuring the galvanized tub from my shop!

RJ's This and That Boutique said...

Love that tub! For those so inclined it would make a wonderful and original towel holder! Imagine your guest towels rolled up and placed inside just so. That's only ONE thing that tub serve a purpose for! I've also seen them used for holding firewood and as an original plant holder:)