Oct 12, 2011

Tips That Work

How do you reach out to your potential customers? Or do you reach at all? Do you wait, hoping you'll wake up to a slew of sales the next morning? 

Arabia Finland Coffee Mug offered by VioletQVintage

We all wait, hoping. But there is a lot more we can do to ensure sales. With the economy going up and down faster than a roller coaster, it's vital we find creative ways to market our shops and items. Here I'll provide a few ideas that I've seen work well. 

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Network!! Join local email groups: Yahoo freecycle, Mothers/Parents clubs, Civic groups and more. I'm very active in my local groups. I post things on Freecycle and I also get things off Freecycle. When I pick up or give away the items this allows for face to face interaction. This always results in a friendly conversation that inevitably leads to what I do for a living. My two BIGGEST clients came from a word of mouth referral from Freecycle. 

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Talk!! Tell every person you meet what you do. Tell the checker at the Super Market. Find a way to incorporate it into everyday conversation. Promote yourself. Yes, it'll feel awkward at first, but you'll soon find you can just seamlessly integrate into the flow of talk. And people will want to hear about it. Why? Because what we do is FASCINATING. People love to hear about it. And in addition to that, everyone will want to know you at some point because when estates come up, you'll be the one who can help. 

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Advertise!! There are so many ways to reach the public. Don't just discount advertising as too expensive. I just placed an ad with the company that does those advertising placemats in restaurants. I've already received 6 calls, one of which is an Estate of the head lawyer to Disney & Bob Hope in the 1950's & 60's. The ad didn't cost much and the company distributes 22,000 placements a month. A good value for my money-it pays to think outside the box. 

Enamel Flower Brooch offered by reconstitutions

Expand!! While I'm all for selling on Etsy, there may be times when it pays to expand out into other venues. I know many of us are selling on eBay as well. But what about Craigslist? How about taking your listing and putting it on Craigslist when you list it on Etsy or eBay? I know an antique store in my town that lists every single item on Craigslist when it comes in the door. She's now getting 45% of her sales from online. 

Mid Century Enamel Box offered by mascarajones

It's not good enough for us to depend on Etsy to help us. We need to think out of the box and figure out how to drive traffic to our items and shops. At the end of the day, only we are responsible for our success. Let's make sure we are!! 


Shelley said...

Excellent advice indeed! I'm always rather shy to bring up what I do to strangers, but I have no reason to be at all!

Terry said...

As usual, you've given me so much to think about. If only I could come up with time as fast as you can offer terrific advice!