Sep 16, 2011

Foodie Friday -- W is for WINE

Thought I would share some "factoids" about WINE.

** Wine is #1 among the world's fruit crops, in number of acres planted.

** 30 million gallons of wine were lost in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

** It takes 4-5 years to harvest a commercial crop from newly replanted grape vines.

** 10,000 of wine grapes exist worldwide.

** A bottle of opened wine stored in the refrigerator lasts 10X longer than it would if stored at room temp.

** CA, NY and FL are the top three U.S. states in terms of wine consumption.

** Red wine accounts for 55% of restaurant wine sales.

** There are approximately 20 billion bottles of wine produced worldwide each year.

** In Ancient Egypt, commoners drank beer and elite drank wine.

** You can find the word vineyard(s) more than 100 times in the King James Bible.


Vintage glasses look lovely on your table, and I am certain wine (or any beverage) tastes better when served in vintage style. Here are 2 lovely selections available from etsyvintageteam members:

Lastly, a FAB vintage WINE RACK to house those precious bottles:


cindy-the vintage hat shop said...

I am not much of a wine drinker, but I love those Fostoria glasses!
Love the way you organized this post.

11karri said... Yummy Fine Wine,and the Lovely Glasses one can drink from...wonderful post !