Aug 13, 2011

Fresh Picks: Proper Prim

“Primitive” generally means an item that lacks sophistication, is naive in its form and typically utilitarian in its function. Early homesteaders, for example, did not have the means to purchase commercial farm equipment, household items and furniture. These things were made on the homestead by hand as needed. In its purest form, primitives are typically handmade, but we tend to also include mass produced utilitarian items such as tools in this category.

If you admire--and desire--primitive style, these finds are glorious examples. My thanks to Sarah of Bantam House Antiques for providing the articulate definition of primitive style.

Adorable Antique Dolly

Vintage Metal Pitchfork Four...

Antique Heavy Iron from Mexi...

Antique Primitive Coal Scoop...

Miniature Tennessee primitiv...

Antique Copper Folk Art Cand...

Treasury tool by whalesharkwebsites


Terry/Emelias Cupboard said...

I just love primitives. Funny how I started out life preferring Victorian and anything ornate and my tastes slow shifted over to prefer the plain, simple, hand made items, Thanks for including my scoop, it has hung on my kitchen wall for many years.

cherrylippedroses said... mom was the impetus in my life to start observing and buying antiques...primitives were at the top of her list...I love them, too, as they often remind me of the basic connections of all mankind...after all, every culture has its primitives...thank you for including the little pottery...Kathryn