Jul 11, 2011

Welcome New Members: Jinxxy, Zip Zap Kap, Just Because She Can, and AlexSandras

Vintage Bobblehead Elephant
Wonderful vintage fruit jars, kitchen and décor items, toys, prints from children’s books, and creative supplies such as doll heads mix beautifully at jinxxy, a new EVT member from Salem, Oregon. “I don't really consider most things under 40 years old vintage,” says Kat, the store’s owner. “There are a few exceptions, but most of my stuff will be pre-disco. Or at least, pre-New Wave.”

1960s McCalls Dress Pattern
ZipZapKap offers more than 300 of the most wonderful patterns, from the 1930s through the 1990s--all wonderfully presented and with all the details you need. Based in Evanston, Indiana, the shop is "the work of a British girl who upped sticks for a Kentucky boy and became a weird English/American hybrid who can coexist peaceably with both iced tea and hot tea with milk."

Brass ink wells

Justbecauseshecan offers such an elegant mix of vintage and antiques--everything from a rustic wooden spool cabinet, to vintage jewelry and clothing, to glassware. The owner lives in North Carolina but sometimes travels as far as New York for the right estate sale. 

Vintage 1950s Playsuit or Swimsuit
A self-proclaimed "vintage Dame," the owner of alexsandras wears "classy bits and bobs from the closets of local ladies of a time gone by" and is invited into homes to buy some of the most fantastic vintage clothes, jewelry, and accessories. She's a seamstress specializing in historical and bridal restoration, "breathing new life into old things."


Anonymous said...

Welcome to EVT! These new members really show how passion and talent makes for a wonderful vintage shop.

AlexSandra said...

Thanks for mentioning my shop. I greatly appreciate the Etsy Vintage Team and it's dedication to increasing the amount of properly dated vintage found on Etsy.

Jinxxy said...

Thank you for the great welcome! I love Etsy. I love Vintage. I love Teams. Put it all together, Etsy Vintage Team - Rah!

Nora-transient*treasures said...

Welcome to ALL!!! Great shops---adds so much diversity to EVT.

Just Because said...

Great post and thank you for the warm welcome I have been reading the blog over the past months and really enjoy it!