Sep 15, 2010

Member Spotlight: A Touch of Vintage

atouchofvintage is a fabulous, eclectic shop with everything from elegant blouses to figurine lamps. We recently talked with shop owner Diane, whose interests are as varied as her shop.

Q. For your personal collection, do you like to have a lot of the same type of thing or same era, or are your tastes more eclectic?
My personal collection of housewares tends to be somewhat eclectic, but I home in on really flaking, rusted pieces combined with Danish design and modern vintage as well (you can see my dining room here). I'm always trying to balance it all out so it doesn't come off junky, but carefree, with off-beat, funny, and, most important, cosy touches. I'm currently collecting Brownie cameras with the big flashes, kokeshi dolls, and yellow and orange teacups.

1950s ceramic deer lamp
As for clothing, I really enjoy 1950s dresses. They are so beautiful! I pride myself on finding some of the most beautiful wedding dresses from the 50s. It's not so easy to find these dresses, so it's a little victory every time to get 1950s stock in great condition!

Garden party gauzy gown
Q. Tell us what you do in your day job, and how you balance that with your Etsy shop.
Well, I actually sell vintage but I do many many other things as well. I make handbags, clothing, and accessories largely out of recycled fabrics ( I do at least two artisan shows a year for that. I am also an actor, singer, and dancer. This is the “job” I have been at since I was a teenager. So, it all works very well together. I can shut down the online shop quite easily when acting gigs come up, and when it's slow in that world, I focus everything into listing vintage or sewing. I always wanted to have a varied career, and so far so good!

Sheer scalloped top
 Q. Describe your work area. What do you like about it, or what would you change?
My work area rocks! I'm lucky enough to have my own room to mess about in. It's filled with two industrial sewing machines, a big ironing table, huge 1950s steel desk, a cutting table, and tonnes of storage filled with loads of fabric, notions, and office supplies. I also have another room that acts as a studio for local gals who want to come over and try things on. It's a little shop right in my home that people can book out and go wild in.

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