Sep 16, 2010

Etsy, A Mental Shift Towards Vintage

I’ve been buying on Etsy for years, but switched over to selling early this summer. I’ve been amazed at the differences I’ve observed about selling on Etsy vs other mainstream vintage sites.

1.     My brain was wired to what had value as a vintage collectible. I didn’t buy a book to sell unless it was a known antique one with value. Every book required extensive research. I’ve had to switch that entirely since being on Etsy. Books are also valued as good reads, decorative elements and/or the base for an art project, not just for their collectible value.
Upcycled Floating Bookself by komunications
2.     Everyday objects are sculptural reminders of the past. I have walked right past old 1960s sprinkler heads in yard sales. Since being on Etsy, I’ve seen dozens sell quickly. Mason jars, rusty metal tools, wooden letters from old games all are snapped up. These objects can be displayed or altered and enjoyed now as reminders of the buyers past. I love to see simple beauty being found in everyday vintage objects.
Ever so Practical but beautiful Mason Jar by Dandelion Girl
3.     Vintage isn’t just for decorating-it’s for everyday practical uses. Buyers on Etsy appreciate an items working value, not just its beauty. Many people are choosing to replace the modern box store items in their homes with vintage substitutes. If Grandma used it, why not me? 
Vintage Wall Clock by bitofbutter

I like that Etsy buyers have forced me to think more creatively about my treasure hunting. I’m now looking for objects based on their decorative, practical, artistic and whimsical angles. While I still have a lot of just very collectible items to sell, this new viewpoint is making my job so much more interesting and fun! 


ImSoVintage said...

nice perspective.

Three Chicks Vintage said...

Wow! Nice job! I love the perspective on Etsy that you defined so well.

roxy said...

Love this article. Nice to know that others are recycling and repurposing antiques as as well just for collecting.

Frechee le Trip said...

A lovely read. Thanks for the post.