Sep 13, 2008

The Daily Dose 9.12.08

I'm sorry I missed last night. I got swept away in watching Burn Notice. When Jeffrey Donovan's on nothing else matters. :-)

Meanwhile, it's Friday night and these girls look like they know how to party at the hoedown.
These ruffled square dance dress patterns are available at True Colors For You

True Colors description: Splendid Spiffy Layered Ruffled Square Dance Dress or Blouse and Skirt~~ Fabulous Fun! ~~ Dress has an Italian collar, short sleeves in three gathered sections ~ Dress has side zipper, detail is braid and rick-rack ~ blouse has scooped gathered neckline with a ribbon drawstring ~ skirt has three gathered sections with side zip and waistband~ Size 12 Misses~ Bust 32" Waist 25" Hip 34" I'm "NEW" to vintage patterns, so please feel free to ask questions or give information! Pattern is dated 1964 ~ Dress Top & Skirt are UNCUT (pieces K H L M D E F)~ Blouse or Pieces A, B, C & G are cut and neat.

Party on vintage Etsians, but do get some sleep; rise and shine for Saturday yard sales! And don't forget to POST YOUR PHOTOS! Your shop may make the next Daily Dose.

Have a good weekend, dahlila.

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