Aug 29, 2008

EVST Daily Dose 8.28.08

Hello All,

My name is Debra aka "Dahlila." I'm a fellow Etsian. My vintage shop is DahlilaFound. I'll be taking over for Justine on the Daily Dose as she is ubber busy with her new job. I'm sure she will be lurking about though so let's all wish her the very best!

So, today I'm all about ephemera, paper, art, scrapbooking supplies. I found this fabulous vintage find over at AnnDouglas: Child Life Magazine, 1945. The cover alone is worthy of framing; instant vintage art for your stylish abode.

Ann's Description:

"This vintage magazine features stories and poems, activities, articles, and more. Some of the highlights in this issue include:"Little Miss Chief Justice""Your Own Book Shelf""Fourth Child Life Fashion Design Contest Winners""Good Citizens' Score Board"Enjoy!Child Life, April 1945. Cover illustration by Katharine R. Wireman. Glossy cover with newsprint-quality interior pages. Interior pages feature a mix of black-and-white and spot-color line-art illustrations. 50 text pages plus cover.Cover is missing a small piece (1/4" x 1/2" on bottom outside edge). There is also a small rip on face of boy (paper is still there, so damage can be repaired). Name "Beck" has been written on cover and title page of magazine. Cover condition: fair. Interior pages in very good to excellent condition."


Leah said...

i like that cover! i am really diggin great vintage books lately. the images are so fantastic. am working on a piece right now about winter.

i think that cover would be great framed!

Ann D said...

Thanks so much for featuring this issue of Child Life, Dahlila. I love the cover, too.

I've been to your shop many times and know you have a great eye for vintage -- and a very fun writing style. Welcome to your new beat.

Ann Douglas

Dahlila said...

Thanks Ladies, glad to oblige.

Now everyone get back to work and keep posting! I'll be out looking for a new item to show and the next one could be you!

dahlila. ;-)