Feb 18, 2014

Etsy Apps and Protypes

Just wanted to let everyone know about some useful things Etsy and others offer -

I know I have told everyone about Enhantsy - (which is no longer free, but for $2.49 a month it is better than paying for ads)
apps are made by other people to work with Etsy, but are not made by Etsy
Explore the options some seem really good!

Craftcult http://www.etsy.com/apps/6290520/craft-cult-treasury-widget
Make a Treasury widget and more ...

Key Features:
• Manage Active Listing Titles, Descriptions, Prices (supports Normal, Digital, and Variation Listings), Quantities, Shop Section linking, Taxable flagging, and Request Custom Job flagging.
• Flexible Filtering by Shop Section &/or Categories
• Instant Text Search by Titles &/or Descriptions as you type
• Key information at your fingertips
• Review Changes before Sending - Unique!
• Free and Friendly customer support

For more detailed information, please check out our Features page: http://www.blugrin.com/Betsi/Features

http://www.etsy.com/apps/4789429873/respondify   I would be cautious with this one - Etsy likes to be the spammer of customers - they frown on contacting customers directly - unless of course its a negative review and then you have to work it out ...

Protypes are actually made by Etsy and it usually is something they are trying out (without running it on the entire site first) 
Taken from the Prototypes page 
Prototypes are projects from Etsy Admin that explore different ways of using Etsy.
Each prototype is released with the goal of gathering data and observing how people use them.

Note: Given their nature, these projects may come and go at any time, and they may not always work as expected. Etsy offers limited support for prototypes.

I really like the Similar Item Search http://www.etsy.com/teams/12032/similar-items-in-search-results
When I am researching something or doing a treasury I can find an item I like and this shows up and I can see all similar items

and the shipping profiles  - this lets you add upgrade charges as an item - which used to be against the rules - having shipping charges as an add on item but with this you can offer regular standard shipping and customers can add on priority or Express upgrades

 By Patti from Fleaosophy

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