Mar 4, 2012

Living A Vintage Life: Through Abuse, Drought and Overload

Submitted by Three Chicks Vintage
I have found the most delightful blogs - a 'set' of blogs actually: Pyrex Collective, Pyrex Collective II and Pyrex Collective III. Given that the objects of their passion can come in sets it seems appropriate that they blog about them in a set. The writers of these collectives discuss the weighty issues of collecting that many of us can relate to no matter what our pursuit, while sharing the colorful delights of the Pyrex spectrum.
1960 Holiday Casserole, Heather of Lark & Lola.
On Pyrex Collective II: "I've been in the worst Pyrex drought here, lately!" exclaimed Heather.
Similar emotion was shared by Rachael on Pyrex Collective III when a friend found a piece marked by a previous owner with nail polish: 
"She gasped in horror when she saw this! . . . This is a definite case of Pyrex abuse! Shame on them!".
Thrifter Sisters moaned in consternation when faced with a pile of duplicates, the result of sending hubby to an estate sale in her stead:
"Evidently my husband is a member of the 'Leave No Pyrex Behind' club."
(To his credit he scored every single piece available at the estate sale for a mere $35!)
Six Balloons' favored little workhorse, a yellow Fridgie.
What did these avid collectors of the multi-hued, durable glass do to ease the discomfort of these travails? Well, bake brownies of course! Triple Chocolate treats, baked in a humble but useful Yellow Fridgie, were shared by Six Balloons and a pretty pink Pyrex pan with posies of positively wicked treats made by Jessica: Vegan S'mores Brownies.

From Lesley of Froog and Doog on PCIII.
The collective mindset of PC, PCII and PCIII was succinctly stated by Lesley on Pyrex Collective III: "Happiness Is Stacks Of Pyrex"!
Take the time to enjoy the Pyrex Collectives - pages of fun, colorful anecdotes, advice and experience offered by fun, colorful and passionate collectors!


Mascara Jones said...

Super fun post! Im off to check these blogs out!

poetryofobjects said...

Very cool! So much pyrex. Can't wait to check out those vegan brownies! Great post!

treasurehuntvintage - Nora said...

Great post, Deb. I *heart* my Pyrex, vintage and newer.

Jill said...

I've been a member of the first Pyrex Collective ever since the beginning - you can learn so much...and meet up with so many other Pyrex fanatics!!!

Love Pyrex - I try to use a piece every day!!

The Thrifty Picker - Rachael said...

Hi there! I am Rachael from the second quote above. If you love to collect Pyrex or just appreciate all of the beautiful designs and colors, stop by to check out the Pyrex Collectives :) Thanks for doing this feature!

KobysCache said...