Feb 28, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

Vintage canteen from TheFancyLamb
By Susan from CalloohCallay

Like much of the United States, we here in the middle have had an eerily warm winter--no frozen ponds like when I was a kid, and my crocuses are up already, probably just in time to be zapped by another cold snap. But the upside to climate change, if you can call it that, is last weekend I got out for a hike along the river bluffs--just me, my canteen, and 300 other hikers, bikers, and dogs taking advantage of the weather.

Wildflower guide from TheVintageReader
I didn't see much wildlife--a few hawks circling the river, a few gray squirrels. But on a less crowded day I might have run into some deer, or even an otter or raccoon along the river bank. It was too early for the wildflowers, but in the coming months they'll be making their appearance in great numbers.

We're heading into just about the best time to enjoy the outdoors (though autumn has a lot going for it too). So, in anticipation of many hikes to come, here are a few of my favorite vintage items to take along.

Vintage Czech rucksack from PerfectlyPoshVintage

KampKing 1960s utility knife from KentonCollectibles
Vintage camp stool from moxiethrift
1912 Boy Scout book from queenofsienna
Pedometer from tippleandsnack

Vintage snakebite kit from kowgirlkitsch


Three Chicks Vintage said...

I can smell the cool, damp woods at Lake Hope!
Thanks for this great post full of nifty items and a nice teaser for another outdoors season!

jenscloset said...

Make me want to "take a hike"!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely sentiments and a fun group of vintage stuff!

mary / tippleandsnack said...

I'm amazed at the endless variety of cool stuff the EVT sells!

Laurie at Bird in Hand Vintage said...

Wonderful post! Springs is my favorite time of year for hiking in the woods. Something new is always popping up! I have a bag similar to the one above that I take along for stashing found lichens.

Susan from The T-Cozy said...

Love those items filled with Etsy vintage goodness. Hooray for the great outdoors!

Happily Era After and The Vintage Reader Etsy Shops said...

I love hiking! I just moved to close to Harriman State Park, cant wait for hiking! Great read! Thanks so much for including my item!

treasurehuntvintage - Nora said...

Great post!!! :~)

The Chickens' Auntie said...

Makes me feel ready to brave the Michigan fog, ice & freezing rain to go for a hike!

wonderdiva said...

Love this! Early springtime walks in the wild always feel so good!

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

Great post - thanks for including my camping stool~!