Feb 5, 2012

Living A Vintage Life: Vintage Valentine's Clipart

Life is the flower for which love is the honey.
  ~Victor Hugo 
We *vintageophiles are often creative people, looking for ways to incorporate our passion into our everyday lives whether it be a snuggly vintage afghan, funky 1970s blouse or in the gifts we offer to the ones we love. Valentine's Day is no exception as we seek vintage heart jewelry, trinkets and timeless sentiments on aged greeting cards. Even if we were willing to part with our long searched for greetings, we would probably be hard-pressed to acquire enough to give to all the loved ones on our list. Fortunately there is another way to send vintage sentiments: we can create our own Valentine's cards using vintage graphics.

There are many sources of free vintage Valentine's graphics on the internet, you just have to make sure you are truly accessing free clipart. To make that task a little easier, I've swam through some websites for you and came up with a few links.
The Graphics Fairy has a wonderful selection of vintage images and craft ideas. 
Hub Pages has dreamy graphics too!
Vintage Holiday Crafts has gorgeous images for Valentine's and other holidays.
The Stock Solution has free graphics as well as images for sale.
Want to fore go the fuss of printing, pasting and glitter? Fun and free vintage style e-cards can be found at Hipster Cards.
From my vintage heart to yours - Happy Valentines Day!

*vintageophile - a person whose every waking moment is consumed with the thought, pursuit and possession of vintage goods!


Suzanne@threepeats said...

I don't know who would want to forgo the pasting and glitter but thanks for all the ideas. Everything is better when it's handmade, especially expressions of love!

poetryofobjects said...

I love vintage valentines...the style...it seems like someone put so much thought into them. Great ideas...thank you for a great post!