Dec 1, 2011

Vintage Old Becomes Vintage New

by Transient Treasures
The push to go green these days is stronger than ever. And with the holidays fast approaching, what better way to be green than to either buy vintage, or repurposed a vintage piece of jewelry into a unique, one of a kind, and creative gift.
With just a little imagination, and a glue gun, that old, damaged, un-wearable piece of vintage jewelry becomes modern, high fashion, and absolutely amazing.
by Callooh Callay

by The Happy Hoarder
The uses are endless for old jewelry. Rhinestone pieces make the flashiest of additions to a purse or a hat, or even the heel/sole of a pump.

String an old brooch onto a newly designed necklace to mix the old and the new for a fantastic look.

Old ties, barrettes, hair combs, even old shoe clips, glasses, and cuff links and be repurposed into some spectacular pieces - from new hair accessories, to embellishments on scarves and totes.

The possibilities are endless!
While I would never recommend using a perfectly functional brooch in this way, and would advise repairing damaged vintage items if at all possible, if a piece is beyond wearable repairs, don't throw it in the trash. Reuse and recycle!


wonderdiva said...

Love it! You've inspired me to try making a necklace this weekend!

Callooh Callay said...

Great post--such a sweet little butterfly necklace and pin. Thanks so much for including my button necklace!

Three Chicks Vintage said...

I love the character of creatively repurposed jewelry and accessories! Thanks for including my butterfly.

11karri said...

Vintage and antique jewelry remade with a new twist is just so very FINE ! Great Post !

Deonsnider said...
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linden said...

A great post on reusing and recycling! A great place to find something different and unique is with these vintage etsy sellers...

Nora-transient*treasures said...

Great post! Love the creativity. Honored to have my ooak brooch included here.