Aug 18, 2011

Wear That Brooch

With the holidays fast approaching, I thought I'd take a moment to showcase some very fashionable ways to wear that vintage brooch you've been dying to show off all year.

In Your Hair

At parties and special events, show off your updo or brand new haircut w/a fancy vintage brooch.  If your hair is thick, you can just fasten the brooch to your hair like you would a barrette.  For thinner manes, use bobbies pins or hair clips to secure your brooch.

Katherine Heigl wears her brooch behind her ear, but you could also use vintage brooches at the crown of your head or in the middle of a bun or at the nape of your neck.

For more impressive looks, use more than one brooch and mix it up in both color and size.  Try different placements as well.

You don't have to reserve this look for special occasions.  Add a brooch to your everyday hair style to brighten it up.

On Your Head

Vintage brooches make wonderful additions to a hat and/or a scarf.

Attach the brooch to the knot of a scarf under one ear or behind the head, or attach them anywhere you like.

The Schiaparelli to the right has a brooch in a complimentary color to that of the hat.  To add a bit of pizazz, trying attaching an over-sized brooch or a vintage brooch in a contrasting color.

Again, add more than one and mix up the colors and/or sizes.

1960s Schiaparelli Cloche Hat

by alexsandras

On Your Clothes

French Dress Clip

by CranberryManor

Dress (or fur) clips were a very common fashion accessory at the turn of last century. These often very large, high quality, and very ornate pieces can still be used today to secure a garment in lieu of the buttons.

In addition to the above, brooches can be used to bustle up a dress that may be too large or to decorate your waistline on anything from a formal gown to an everyday pair of jeans.

For a more traditional route, use a brooch at the nape of your neck to dress up a scarf or attach a brooch over your heart.  To rock this look, try using a heap of brooches and place them everywhere.   You can also adorn just the lapel w/a bunch of brooches.

You can use a scarf or bandanna as a wrist band and attach a favorite brooch to glam it up - this makes everyday wear come alive!

Kim Cattrall

On Your Accessories

Use a brooch to dress up a pair of boots, to add bling to a purse or clutch, or to jazz up a necklace.

Mix things up by varying colors, shapes, and sizes.

There are so many possibilities!

Crepe Clutch with Weiss Brooch

by RubysPlace

I hope you can find some more useful ideas for your mother's and grandmother's jewelry after reading this post. If you have other ideas, please feel free to share by including those ideas in your comments.


cherrylippedroses said...

...excellent this!

Callooh Callay said...

So fabulous! I love these ideas (of course it doesn't hurt to look like these women...maybe if I dye my hair...).

wonderdiva said...

I have so many of my grandmother's vintage brooches and I just don't get them out and wear them enough -- thank you for the great ideas!

art deco dame said...

I love vintage brooches,great ideas!

ImSoVintage said...

Fun post. Now if I could just look like Catherine Heigl. hmmmmm!!

jenscloset said...

I love vintage brooches! What a great idea to add them to your hair!

The Chickens' Auntie said...

This is a great post! I love vintage brooches an always look for them at sales -- now I have more ideas of how to use them.

S.Allen said...

I just found a beautiful knitting pattern for a cowl that converts to a hood. When you have it in the cowl position, you secure the hood around it with a brooch. It's fantastic! I'm going to be looking for more and more brooches now!!

nora - treasurehuntvintage said...

LOVE this post. Thanks, Kim. I wear my mother's and grandmother's brooches in a variety of ways. Didn't know I was being fashionable. LOL! said...

Fabulous blog post. This is very inspirational and is sure to help a bunch of fashionistas. Thanks for putting this together!

11karri said...

So many ways to wear them and so little time ;) Lovely Post !

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Great post.

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these vintage brooches are so lovely,great ideas!