Aug 5, 2011

The Tears of the Goddess Pele

Vintage Peridot Necklace
August's Birthstone - Peridot - The Tears of the Goddess Pele

Legends claim that Peridots are the tears of the Hawaiian Volcano goddess, Pele, and small Peridots can be found all over the beaches of the islands.  Used by the Ancient Egyptians to commune w/nature, and prized for its brilliance, Peridot is said to be the symbol of the sun.  Often called evening emerald because it is said to glow in the dark, Peridot is thought to calm anger, aide in healing, and enhance power.

Antique Color Plate
from 1906 Encyclopedia
Peridot is the stone for the Zodiac sign, Libra.   But the constellations for August are actually Leo the Lion (July 23 - August 22) and Virgo the Virgin (August 23 - September 22).

Peridot is most often found in jewelry, but in Ancient times, was used to make drinkware and decorate armor, boxes, turbans...

Ah... August's birthstone, Peridot - love to say the name and love the cool, green color.  Peridot, a variety of Olivine, is the modern birthstone for August, while Sardonyx, a striped form of agate, is the traditional one.

An ancient Gregorian Calendar muses:

Wear a sardonyx or for thee,
No conjugal felicity;
The August-born without this stone,
`Tis said, must live unloved and lone.


nora - treasurehuntvintage said...

As always, a fascinating and informative post. THANK YOU!!!

11karri said...

How Excellent ! Well done ! Laurie said...

Wow, I had no idea of the history behind the Peridot stone. Fun history! Thanks for including my vintage necklace here! It's not actual peridot stone but a lovely peridot color. said...

Thanks for putting this together!! I'm an Augusr cusp baby, right between Leo & Virgo.

Moddities :: 20th Century Vintage said...

Thanks for this post! I am a Leo/Virgo cusp... 4:30am on 8/24 :) Looks like Nachokitty and I might have something in common other than the love of wonderful old things.