Aug 7, 2011

Living A Vintage Life: Vintage Victuals

I know, I'm a bit late on Sunday getting this done. I'm only batting .333 right now - about as good as a lot of pro baseballers, but still not too impressive and at a miniscule fraction of the pay! I keep losing track of what day it is - I guess if I quit playing hooky from Sunday service I wouldn't have this problem!
Vintage Victuals is where we are venturing today. A wonderful website with piles of wonderful recipes that are vintage, entirely doable, beautifully photographed and not the least bit objectionable like the black & white photographed 'goodies' you'll find in old 'Joy of Cooking' cookbooks.
I do apologize for being a bit redundant on Nora's Foodie Friday, but a blog with the word 'victuals' (or 'vittles' as Granny Clampett says) deserves a second look and there's always room for more cooking inspiration.

Some of these recipes are sophisticated and modern looking, like the Lemon Crab Pasta; some are local faves, such as the Legendary Hot Brown, unique to the Louisville, KY area AND a wonderful solution to endless turkey leftovers.
Then there are beautiful classics, like sweet and humble Georgia Peach Cobbler.
Belly up to the computer screen with a glass of iced tea and prepare to experience a calorie-free, visually  tour of the 'good ol' days'!


Moddities :: 20th Century Vintage said...

My mom is the queen of peach cobbler! Oddly enough I never like the thought of hot peaches all my life but then I tried it at the age of about 44 and fell in love with it. Soooo many of mom's cobblers I missed!

RainbowVintage said...

I have actually eaten a hot brown at The Brown Hotel in Louisville, where they originated. Not only was it unforgettably DELICIOUS, but the hotel was beautiful. I am gonna make SO MANY hot browns with my turkey leftovers this Thanksgiving!

Also, Granny Clampett = hilarious!

nora - treasurehuntvintage said...

Another GREAT post!!!! Must bake some peach cobbler..............soon.....Thanks, Deb.