Aug 28, 2011

Living A Vintage Life: Milk Glass Mania

Living a vintage life frequently goes beyond accumulating and using vintage goods, a vintageophile's life often includes a focused passion, a drive to collect some special item that touches the soul. For many that passion is Milk Glass. Whether solidly opaque or softly translucent, it has a special place in the heart of many collectors. ‘True’ milk glass has been described to me thus: “it looks like your glass of milk after the ice cubes have melted”. Loving a cold, iced glass of milk on a hot day, I understood the description perfectly. While many discriminating collectors still accept only the subtly opalescent pieces, Milk Glass Mania has created a generation of collectors who embrace all white glass as milk glass. And you know what? That’s alright with me because I love all of it!
I found a wonderful blog called Passion of MilkglassCollecting. She loves to blend her pieces with blue, happily displaying candles and flowers, and even lining pieces alongside her tub to hold fragrant bathing products.
Sometimes entire rooms are being decorated around milk glass collections with pieces displayed against deep blue walls, scattered across chippy mantles, on kitchen shelves or behind dust-free glass break fronts. A fun trend is using milk glass to decorate bridal showers and wedding receptions – there are even businesses that specialize in renting vintage milk glass for these occasions. Bliss Magazine has some pretty ideas for reception d├ęcor featuring milk glass.
Maybe you don’t have a lot of milk glass, but you’re coveting the look? Grab clear bottles, swish some white paint inside and let dry. Voila! Instant milk glass! Beach House In The City offers great instructions and photos.
Wherever a vintage trend develops, modern industry responds with reproductions, which is definitely true of milk glass. While some conscientiously-unburdened retailers may attempt to pass it off as vintage, most are simply responding to consumer demand. While I won’t go so far as to link you to some modern reproduction goods but I’m happy to point you to the website of the National Milk Glass Society. For a visual feast of milk glass, you can visit their photo galleries.
Use the comments below to tell me about your milk glass passion!
posted by Deborah Berry ~Three Chicks Vintage


Bevy said...

Some good information. thanks for the links also.

cherrylippedroses said... neice is getting married today, and she will have fresh flowers in milk glass on the tables...thanks for this fun and informative blog! Kathryn

Douce France..... said...

Thank you for sharing my blog.
Milk Glass is part of my decor. White is always a good choice. said...

I love milk glass. I never knew the difference between the pieces collectors call true & the all white pieces until recently. I love the antique pieces now as well.

Great post! Thanks for the information.

CranberryManor said...

I so do love milk glass and you've put together one fantastic article on this still very useful vintage ware - thank you!