Jul 2, 2011

American Patriotism: Vintage Style!

While patriotism should never be considered 'in fashion' or 'out of fashion', wars, poor economic times and natural catastrophes all have a way of bringing out the patriot in all of us. The United States has plenty of all three, sending flag sales skyrocketing and the search for flag-related goods, new and vintage into an almost frenzied state.
For more on U.S. Flag etiquette, go to the U.S. Flag website.
I love pinning on a little rhinestone flag and waving my standard next to the next guy, but being a purist, I cringe outwardly when I see people wiping their BBQ grease onto napkins emblazoned with the American flag or wearing items made with cut up flags. The Vintage Reader offers this gorgeous vintage booklet, How To Respect And Display The Flag, published by the U.S. Marines Corps. If you want one of those sparkling rhinestone flag lapel pins like Grandma and Grandpa used to wear: True Colors For You offers a dainty one, and so does Jen's Closet.
Want to dine in patriotic style? Vintage Pyrex, which is growing in collectible popularity, offers patriotic-themed patterns, like this Early American bake-serve-store set in Violet Q's shop. If you're creative muse is feeling patriotic, check out this colorful collection of realistic patriotic buttons from The Vintage Recycler or this vintage Americana upholstery fabric from The Happy Hoarder.
Search for more vintage patriotic goods from the Etsy Vintage Team: Americana, United States, Flag, American, Red White and Blue, or Patriotic.
Happy Independence Day!


11karri said...

Happy 4th !!

cherrylippedroses said...

HAPPY 4th!!!!!!most assuredly!

Mom Walds Place said...

Patriotism may be vintage, but is always the best! Thanks for a great post.