Jul 7, 2011

Born in the Month of July

I'm going to interrupt my series on Fenton Silver Crest to highlight this month's birthstones and such.

Vintage Boudoir Art Deco
Vanity Set
by KowGirlKitsch
People born in July are born under either the sign of Cancer (June 22 - July 22), the crab, or Leo (July 23 - August 22), the lion.

Cancers and Emeralds

Cancers traditionally claim Emerald as their birth stone, while Leos claim Onyx.  Emeralds, a member of the beryl family, were thought to have mystical powers and enhance clairvoyance, love, and happiness, and are also thought to promote healing.

Trivia - Emeralds are one of only two gemstones, the other being Topaz, that is listed as a birthstone in all of the ancient lists.

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Vintage Mexico Sterling &
Black Onyx Necklace
by MaryBethHale
Leos and Onyx

Onyx, a form of quartz and one of my favorite gemstones, comes in the traditional black, or can be found with white bands on black or brown.  Onyx is also thought to enhance intuition and promote healing, and help curb bad habits.

My favorite form of Black Onyx can be found carved in old Mexican jewelry, similar to the example to the right.  These handmade pieces are very impressive in their design and creativity.

Mythology - Roman legend has it that the god Cupid trimmed his mother Venus' fingernails while she was asleep along the banks of the sacred Indus River.  As those clippings fell into the river and rested along the bottom, they turned to Onyx, as they were originally part of a god's body.

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The Ruby

Modern, Mystical, and Ayurvedic philosophies (visit my blogpost for June for more information) all claim Ruby as the birthstone for July.

Vintage Ruby Red
Juice Glasses
by JudyGoVintage
Tiffany & Co., c1870, also promoted Ruby as July's Birthstone w/the following poem:

The glowing ruby shall adorn,
Those who in July are born;
Then they'll be exempt and free
From love's doubts and anxiety.

The Ruby, a Corundum variety, and the second hardest stone after Diamond, was often used as a talisman in ancient times to ward off evil and is thought to bring security and contentment.  Because of it's fiery color, Rubies are often associated w/everlasting love and good fortune.

Trivia - Only the red form of the gemstone is considered a Ruby, all other colors are considered Sapphires.

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The birthflower for July is the Delphinium, or Larkspur, thought to symbolize joyfulness.

1922 Delphinium Lithograph
For Framing by SurrenderDorothy


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