Jun 17, 2011


Around here, when time is scarce, we still like to have a healthy meal. I rarely use any "convenience" foods, so QUESADILLAS make for a health lunch or dinner in a hurry! (just in case you aren't familiar with quesadillas, think "grilled cheese" sandwich, Mexican style)

We keep whole wheat flour tortillas, and good quality pre-shredded cheese on hand, which means we can have healthy quesadillas. I use our grill pan, as it's non-stick so no added fats are needed. Get the pan fairly hot, warm the tortilla on both sides so it's softened, sprinkle cheese on half, fold over, cover and grill on each side until the cheese melts and the tortilla is a bit crisp. You can add chiles, cooked meat or shrimp, etc.... (in the lead photo, taken last Saturday, I served the quesadilla with a side of refried beans and a mango-avocado salad)

Here are a couple of vintage treasures that would add some real Mexican style to any table setting:

from bontonvintage.etsy.com:

from blackrain4.etsy.com:


Callooh Callay said...

Yum--one of my favorite foods. And I love the vintage tablecloths!

House of Linens said...

Never knew quesadillas were that easy. This is definitely on the menu once we get back to Texas. I love those tablecloths.

11karri said...

Yummy,another fantictic Blog ! Thank you !

ArtfulVintage said...

You just can't beat quesadillas for ease and deliciousness! Your mango avocado salad looks yummy :)