Apr 1, 2011

M is Also for MARTINI

cocktail set from ATasteForVintage

Ahhh....the classic and classy cocktail made famous (or is that infamous) by Bond, James Bond. At cocktail bars these days, there are endless foo-foo "martinis" being mixed up. But the true classic is really quite simple, and oh so ELEGANT in a tall, chilled stem glass.

When ordering a martini, without any other instructions, this is what you should get. Vary the theme just a touch by adding a splash of olive brine--it is then called a DIRTY MARTINI.

Prefer vodka to gin? don't tell the old school martini drinkers. They refuse to call a drink made with anything but gin a martini!

Ingredients for a Perfect, Classic MARTINI

2+ 1/2 oz good quality GIN
1/4 oz Dry Vermouth (less for a DRY martini)
1 - 2 green olives OR a twist of lemon peel
6 ice cubes

Directions for a Perfect, Classic Martini

Place a handful of ice cubes into a martini shaker (a glass will suffice). Pour in the Gin and Vermouth.
Shake well. (stir if you are using a glass)
Strain and pour into a chilled, stemmed martini glass.
Add the green olive(s)--best to thread on a cocktail pick) OR run the lemon peel (color side down) and twist over the cocktail to release the oils, then drop gently in the glass.

Best enjoyed in moderation, and while wearing some vintage and slinky!!

black cocktail dress from dustyrosevintage

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Leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

ooooh, how i've tried to love martini's! this post makes me want to try them again.