Apr 29, 2011


Yikes! I missed last week.....so crazy busy here I forgot to post. My apologies.

Olive Oil is amazing. Delicious, nutritious, and not just for culinary use. My favorite handmade soap lists olive oil as one of the primary ingredients. I use it to remove sticky labels from vintage goods.....People in the Mediterranean region are generally healthier and have a longer life expectancy than many other regions, primarily as a result of their healthy diet. In addition to plenty of fresh produce, they have a heavy consumption of olive oil.

read more here: http://health.howstuffworks.com/wellness/food-nutrition/facts/olive-oil-nutrition-facts.htm

One of my favorite ways to enjoy good quality olive oil is to pour it in a dish, and dip freshly baked bread chunks into it. Or, half evoo (with a nod to RR) half balsamic vinegar and LOADS of pressed fresh garlic! De-Lish!

cruet set from jenscloset


leah @ plainview - moxiethrift on etsy said...

mmmmmmm, chunks of breand and olive oil...mmmmmmm

and garlic too? yeah. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm x 10.

ImSoVintage said...

bread and olive oil is definitely one of my favorites. 8-)