Apr 8, 2011


Nut grinder from glasspanic

LOL! As I was typing the title, I had to laugh....In this case, the NUTS are the edible variety. Crunchy, yummy and even good for you! From almonds to walnuts, I am..well...NUTS for nuts! I like to use them in salads, as a topping for cakes, baked into breads and cookies.
Toasting nuts intensifies their flavor, and toasted nuts are less likely to sink in baked goods. To toast on the stove top: Heat a skillet and nuts in a single layer. Stir constantly. Watch carefully. When the nuts start to turn brown, remove from the heat, let cool, and chop as desired.
To toast nuts in the oven: Spread on a cookie sheet, then bake at 400° F for 5 to 10 minutes, stirring nuts occasionally. Keep a close eye on them! Smaller pieces toast faster than whole nuts.

Next week, I'll share my recipe for ROASTED SPICED NUTS.

nut picks from artfulvintage

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