Feb 15, 2011

Before and After: From Vintage to Handmade

In these days of repurposing and recycling vintage objects, the beauty of the newly created art is just an extension of the marvelous items that went into it. Vintage jewelry, buttons, books, furniture, china, and knick-knacks—marvelous in their own right—can take on a new, rich beauty when combined creatively.

Which is better? That’s like asking whether you like peaches or peach pie—both can be absolutely delicious. Just for fun, here are a few examples of Before and After.

Pot metal dress clips from GeneralWhimsy2 and Wedding hair pin from OhFaro


Anonymous said...

What a fun article! I think the key is that we all respect the integrity of the vintage piece we're using to create something new. I love these examples!

TheFancyLamb said...

Which is better? BOTH!
While there are many pieces that shouldn't be altered, reinventing a damaged piece into something new and giving it another life is a great thing.
Fun post, happy to be included here!

laura said...

Never let a good piece of vintage go to waste, (or even a shabby one at that). Adding a little "to be continued..." at the end of every story, I love it! Thanks for featuring my book.

Three Chicks Vintage said...

I love giving new life to old things! Thanks for including my tea cup and for writing this lovely post.

OhFaro said...

Oh, what a great post. I've been recreating with damaged vintage for many, many years. It use to be broken china mosaics, but now it's hair accessories from broken jewelry.

I love ALL of these fabulous rebirths.

Thank you for including me.

OhFaro said...

Oh, and I think both are great. I choose both :D

Nachokitty said...

I choose both. I don't like to see damaged pieces thrown away. I think we should try to use every last bit! I love all these artists and admire their creativity.