Jan 13, 2011

Up for the challenge!

I have never been afraid of a dirty piece of vintage porcelain, in fact, I love the challenge!

I love taking a neglected, once beautiful and well loved piece, and bringing it back to life!

Not only do I love the hunt for pretty vintage china and porcelain, but I also love cleaning my new found treasures.  Yes, you heard me right, I love it!

My two favorite cleaning products are Goo Gone and Bar Keepers Friend.  If you're going to buy just two cleaning products, I highly recommend these two!

Goo Gone can be found at most drug stores and a small bottle will cost approximately $2.00, and last you quite awhile!  It's great for getting stickers off of your pieces.  After rubbing just a bit with a paper towel, the sticker should come right off, then just give it a good washing with your regular liquid detergent.

My all time favorite product is Bar Keeper's Friend!  This also can be found at your local drug store and is very inexpensive!  It's gentle enough to use on fine porcelain, and it's great on stubborn stains that often can be found on the old Pyrex!  It's not abrasive like Comet.  It really is my favorite, so pick some up and try it; I'm sure it will become your favorite too!  (Be sure to wear gloves, and wash the piece with regular liquid detergent after cleaning with this product.)

So don't be afraid to buy that old china, porcelain, or Pyrex!  Take the challenge, and bring it back to life!

It's fun!


beca said...

I love restoring items too. There is no dirty, spider filled box I won't dig through.

Nachokitty said...

Bon Ami works just like Bar Keepers friend. I wonder sometimes if they're the same product!

Sarah said...

Yes! There is so much satifaction in bringing a treasure back to life. Cleaning is not really my thing but when it comes to my booty I can't wait to get home and scrub it up. Weird.
I use Goo Gone too and have found that olive oil also works on price stickers. Who knew?!

RainbowVintage said...

My favorite thing about Goo Gone is that it just evaporates. So if you get it on paper, it disappears without leaving a stain. Yes, seriously!