Jan 4, 2011

Postcards from France XII: French Vintage New Year's Cards

The French have a great system for sending their season's greetings:

they send around their voeux, best wishes for the new year, in January. Here in France, we have until January 31st to send a card to friends, family and business associates.

Christmas cards are relatively unheard of. Given a choice, I'd rather get my season's greetings in dull January when it counts rather than during the hustle & bustle of December. And I'd way rather take on the project of sending them then, as well.

J'adore these old cards. I love the images and I love reading the messages on the back. Most of the New Year's cards I find are from WWI and before. The notes express undying love between cousins, grandchildren to their grandparents, and between friends. It's all very innocent and heart felt.

Sending you my meilleurs voeux, best wishes, for year of bonheur (happiness) and santé!


mary said...

These are lovely! (And, my latest obsession and newest collection)

Frenchee le Trip said...

They are really awesome to collect, Mary. And you can do much with them - send them on to friends in the New Year, and of course, decorate for the holidays.

Callooh Callayl said...

These are wonderful! I've been sending cards in January for a number of years, and now I can just pretend it's because I'm a francophile!

Ashley Chavez said...

What an awesome collection of new year cards you have, they are all lovely. Thanks for sharing :)
Happy Holidays !!