Jan 19, 2011

Is There Really a Season For Selling?

I did a post on my Facebook page the other day, asking my group why they bought vintage. Was it for gifts, events, or just for their own personal collecting? Several people responded and several emailed me directly. Overwhelmingly I was told they bought to collect for themselves. If this is true, then we should cater to that mentality. Collectors don't buy seasonally. They look all year round.

Bottlebrush trees by VintageJunkInMyTrunk
I collect old Halloween & Christmas. I'm always searching, especially during the off season. Why? Because that's when I can find things easily. The market isn't flooded with reproductions, there isn't a lot of just "clutter" listings that don't apply, there is less competition and things cost less, often much less.

Vintage button upcycled necklace by calloohcallay
Don't fall into this trap. A vintage paper Halloween horn from the 1940's isn't worth any less in May. But I notice sellers discounting these types of items over and over. Collectors will find it and pay the right price-as long as the condition warrants it of course. (which brings up the point-know your prices!)

1950's Bombshell Swimsuit by hautecountryvintage
This same logic applies to items like swimsuits and other seasonal clothing that appeals to everyone, not just collectors. That client who marks it as a favorite in October is planning to fit in it by January. She'll come back for it! I've had this happen several times in my shop-things get marked as a fav and then when the buyer is motivated, they buy.


France Geek said...

Great advice - buying off season is an excellent strategy. If I have the storage space, I buy a lot of Christmas items in January.

Gina at Vintage Junk in My Trunk said...

What an appropriately timed post! I was just wondering if I should renew my seasonal listings and then last week someone bought three pixie elves from the 1950s. This morning someone purchased seven vintage New Year's noisemakers! You're absolutely right -- collectors are buying all through the year, especially if your prices are right. Thanks for the post (and the photo!)

nora - treasurehuntvintage said...

GREAT post. Couldn't agree more. Collectors collect year round; people travel and give gifts...PLUS, when it's winter here, it's summer in the Southern hemisphere...J