Dec 19, 2010

Welcome New Member: Old Vintage Cookbooks

The name says it all! Nothing exemplifies the "spirit" inherent in vintage goods like a cookbook. You get a snapshot of bygone days in the style, illustrations and ingredients, and you can literally recreate the era every time you cook with an old recipe. These wonders are treasured at Old Vintage Cookbooks.

Here's one example that we call a "cross collectible." This image is in a 1940s Pyrex booklet available in the shop now. It not only provides wonderful recipes, it includes illustrations of product offerings. Any Pyrex collector would love to have an original view of the primary colors mixing bowl set!

We're pleased to welcome Old Vintage Cookbooks to the Team. A visit to this shop is like a peek back into Grandma's kitchen!

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Three Chicks Vintage said...

It's so much fun to leaf through old cookbooks, see the styles and try to figure out exactly what they're calling for in some of the old recipes. I've an ancient tome of The Joy of Cooking - some of the recipes and instructions are less than tasty by today's standards and the black & white photos don't do them any favors, but the details and techniques are priceless.